Email Quota and subscribing to IMAP
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What is a email quota?

As of February 2014 has instated a mailbox size quota within the classic email system (pop3/imap). This quota has been set to 4GB maximum size.

How to download/delete Archive folders

Most of the mailboxes large size is due to the mailbox archiving system within the classic environment. The steps below will show you howto subscribe to the folders, download or delete them.

The easiest way to remove the folder (if the you do not need them) would be from the page. Once you have selected a user go to Mailboxes and delete the folder.

Outlook 2003-2013

To subscribe to the folder

  • Right click a folder and select IMAP folders... > Query > Select the folder > Select 'Subscribe'
  • Once the emails download Select the emails and delete them when complete you need to send a purge to the server this can be done by going to Folder > Purge > Purge marked items in ""


  • Select the mailbox from the list of folders on the left, to see a list of folders in the main pane.
  • Control-click on the mailbox name and select [Receive Complete Folder List] to update the list of folders.
  • Folders you are not subscribed to have a grey folder icon next to their names.
  • To subscribe to a folder, Control-click on its name and choose [Subscribe].
  • Download the messages and delete them
  • To remove the deleted items from the folder, from the Edit menu, select Purge Deleted Messages.

Outlook 2011

  • Open outlook
  • Go to Tools on the application toolbar Select 'IMAP Folders'
  • Select the folders that are not subscribed and click subscribe
  • Click OK
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