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1. LAMP Developer VPS Packages List

myhosting.com LAMP EZ Template With any LAMP Developer VPS plan you have access to Virtuozzo EZ Templates from your myhosting.com onCloud control panel. These templates can be installed quickly and easily into your VPS to provide various packages specific…

2. Windows VPS Environment Details

Overview - myhosting.com Hyper-V Cloud Infrastructure The myhosting.com Windows VPS environment is powered by Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization with Microsoft System Center and NetAPP SAN Storage Backend. Infrastructure currently supports the following Operating…

3. SoftCom Affiliate Program

We have a full Affiliate Program which rewards you for sales of myhosting.com and mail2web.com services that you refer to us. For further details please visit our Affiliates site.

4. Myhosting.com Affiliate Program

Introducing the myhosting.com Affiliate Program Specifically designed for myhosting.com customers, this new affiliate program simplifies the rewards system so you can put up ads and starting generating serious income. Commissions starting from $75! Not only…

5. Web Design Services

At this time we do not offer any web design services. However, we do offer a service called Site Builder that you can add onto your account to help you with building your website. The basic setup for Site Builder is available for Free with all web hosting…

6. Supported Features and Components

Click here to view a list of all features and components we support.

7. Placing an Order

Sign-up Online All orders can be completed online by visiting our website at https://myhosting.com/signup/. Click here for a video tutorial Alternatively, you can send an email to sales@myhosting.com and a sales representative will contact you. To review…

8. Number of Email Accounts Included

The Business Hosting Plan provides you with 20 Basic Exchange email accounts (1 GB storage per mailbox including POP3/IMAP4 and Outlook Web Access). All email accounts can be accessed by using any standard POP3 or IMAP email program, such as Microsoft® Outlook…

9. Contact Sales

If you require more information about our products and services please e-mail our sales team, at sales@myhosting.com or phone +1 (866) 289-5091 and we will be glad to assist you.

10. Account Activation Time

Just go to our secure signup pages to sign up for an account. Once you have signed up and your payment has been processed, your account should be provisioned within 1-2 hours. Please note this may take longer if there are any delays in billing or any problems…

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