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Windows VPS Backups FAQ

Reference Number: AA-04887 Created: 2013-04-10 14:00 Last Updated: 2013-04-10 15:04 0 Rating/ Voters

Q        How can I log into the Backup Panel? I'm not shown my login details on the Backup Management page...

A        Access to modifying your backup policies and managing your restore points and file recovery options requires that you have our On-Demand Backup Upgrade which can be found in the Resource Upgrades section of your panel (Home Screen > Upgrade Resources). Once active, you're login details will appear in your billing panel.

Q        If I upgrade to the OnDemand Service, will I have access to the backup restore points that were already created?

A        Yes, you will have full access to any completed backups. For the backup service to run, however, you're VPS must be rebooted at least once since you added the backup service or your VPS was created with the backup service.


Q        Can I change the password to Idera Server Backup?

A        Yes, you can change the password from within Idera Server Backup. For troubleshooting purposes, it is recommended that you maintain the default password.


Q        Can I run a Policy at hourly intervals on either “Standard VPS Backup” or “On-Demand VPS Backup + File Recovery” service add-ons?

A        No, the lowest limit is set to Daily intervals.


Q        Does upgrading between “Standard VPS Backup” and On-Demand VPS Backup + File Recovery require a reboot to provision on Customer Control Panel (CCP)?

A        No, an upgrade in your CCP is processed without the need for reboot. However, in order for your Policy to work the first time, the VM does require a reboot thereafter.


Q        Is a backup made automatically or do I have to configure one?

A        A policy is created by default, but you will need to reboot your VPS the first time in order for the policy to run. The policy will run at the scheduled time to back up your content.


Q        Does Idera Server Backup include Database Backup?

A        Yes. While you can back up and restore your entire VM, Idera also includes SQL Server and mySQL backup features.


Q        Can I use Idera for Linux-based VPSs?

A        At this time, offers Idera Server Backup for Hyper-V (Windows) environments only. However, offers Virtuozzo Backups for Linux-based VPSs.


Q        Will my service be interrupted if I exceed the diskspace quota I paid for?

A        Overusage of diskspace is monitored and, when exceeded, will notify you to increase your diskspace quota or maintain the current limit.

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